Henric Idestrom

Musical Director and Conductor

New West Symphony and Chorus is proud to welcome Henric Idestrom as Interim Musical Director.

Henric graduated from Azusa Pacific University in 1995 with a Master of Music in Conducting. Upon graduation, he accepted the Senior Worship Pastor position at Centre Street Church (CSC) in Calgary, Alberta Canada (1995-2005). Shortly after, Henric was offered the position of Music Director at Rocky Mountain College (RMC) (1999-2007).  After growing both the Worship & Arts at CSC and the Music Department at RMC, he and his wife, Robin, decided it was time for a change. With their son, Jeremiah, they moved to New York City for Robin to attend The Manhattan School of Music and for Henric to embark on a new journey musically.

When Henric moved to New York City, he found a unique opportunity to leverage his experience conducting college music ensembles. He found New York City to be a magnet for high-caliber instrumentalists and vocalists looking for opportunities to perform and connect with each other. In a landscape that offered only stuffy community chorales, Henric saw the need for a new kind of group that showcased the diversity of the city, performed with professionalism and enthusiasm, and shared God’s love through music.  He founded The SymphoNYChorus in the summer of 2008 and never looked back.

Henric has inspired loyalty and engagement from his members by challenging them to perform like professionals and introducing new music every season. The chorus and orchestra provides an environment for deep camaraderie to form in a city that can be a rather lonely place. Audiences keep coming back to be energized and inspired by the ever-changing repertoire and enthusiastic performances. In a city that has it all, Henric brought something new.

In addition to TSC, on November 1, 2008 Henric conducted the 300-voice choir at the Heaven’s Rehearsal concert at the Roger’s Center in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, with an attendance of 25,000.  Henric is the current Director of Music at Jesse Lee Memorial United Methodist Church in Ridgefield, CT.